24 hour safety measures to prevent fire or damage to your garden

There is no doubt that we all feel safe in our homes because this is the place where we can sleep and eat peacefully without getting worried that someone is watching us. We all try to make this place secure as much as we can.

What if someday you come to know that your house is about to catch fire due to negligence in fire safety in your home or your garden. In this article, we are going to talk about the 24 hour fire watch equipment that you must keep in your home or garden to stay safe.


Usually, people like to decorate their home and pathways in the garden with the scented candles and they have portable heaters as well to keep the home warm but do you know that these things make your home unsafe? Your life is at stake due to these things.

Keep away candles and heaters from the curtains or from the laundry. Just a single flame can put the entire house on fire.


Smoke alarms are installed in all the major organizations in order to prevent the fire problems. Most of the times, these smoke alarms are installed on the ceiling.  We must get these smoke alarms installed in our homes so that we may avoid all kinds of problems.

Smoke alarms are the best solution for you if you have a home where you can’t keep an eye at each corner. The fire alarms will not only notify you but the nearest fire department will also be notified and they’ll reach your place immediately.


No matter how much your home is safe, you should always have plan B in your mind to get out of the home if there is any emergency or problem. Many people construct a way in their home through which they can safely get out of the home.

If you have a garden in the front of or back of the home, you must arrange an exit on the opposite direction so that you may use that way to get out of the house if a fire starts in the garden. Thus, you’ll be able to contact the fire department so that they can come and help you.


Fire extinguishers are kind of life saver when you have no option to get out of the place. What if your lounge and kitchen are on fire and you have to find your way to the main door to save yourself from burning?

In this case, you should always have a fire extinguisher in your home. You can use it and make your way to the door. Keep the fire extinguisher in your room and in your garden so you can easily pick it up.


You should not be irresponsible when you are cooking. Keep thermostat in your kitchen so when you are deep frying something you should know when to stop cooking.