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Specialized Academic Council D 53.369.01

The NBG-NSC specialized academic council for defense of theses functions tsioniruet-1991. Initially, specialty botany was open from 1999 to her pre-bavilas biotechnology. To date, the order of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine from 03.28.2013 № 382 specialized scientific council D 53.369.01 at NBG-NSC entitled for the period until 28 March 2015 to carry out doctoral and master’s theses on the specialty 03.00.05 – botany.

Chairman of the Special Council Ph.D., Professor SV Shevchenko, Deputy Chairman – Ph.D., Professor VD Hard worker, scientific secretary – PhD S.A.Sadogurskaya.
The council has 16 members, of which 11 – specialists NBG-NSC, 5 – Representatives of leading research institutions and universities in Ukraine (Kherson State University, Ministry of Education of Ukraine, the Southern Branch of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine “Crimean Agriculture technology University” of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Chernivtsi national University. Yuriya Fedkovicha Mon of Ukraine, the Donetsk Botanical garden of NAS of Ukraine). Among them 15 doctors, 9 professors, 6 associate professors and senior researchers.

We shall consider the thesis along the lines developed by the specialists of NBG-NSC and included in the passport the relevant specialty. In the field of botany is, first and foremost, floristic and phytosociology, phytosozology, anthropogenic dynamics of flora, botanical resursovedenie and introduction, acclimatization, anatomy, morphology and embryology of plants.

Specialized Council NBG-NSC combined in the structure of the leading specialists of the south of Ukraine in the field of botany. Guided by the relevant legal documents and principles of research ethics, they place high demands under consideration of dissertation work, provide a comprehensive assessment of the theoretical and practical level of training of candidates. According to the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission of Ukraine the meeting in agreement with the applicant shall be held in Ukrainian or Russian languages. During the period of the Council, there were no violations of the provisions in force concerning the protection procedures, documentation, etc. Meetings are held in the form of fruitful discussions, making them a significant event in the scientific life of the region. Thus, the special council not only perform the functions assigned to it in the training and certification of highly qualified scientific personnel. Specialists of different scientific institutions have the opportunity of fruitful professional dialogue that is a prerequisite for the functioning and development of science.

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