Inspiration Monday – See all the beautiful gardens and landscape from our tour of Oahu

Oahu is one of the most beautiful places that we have ever visited in our life. We wanted to visit the most beautiful gardens and landscapes in Oahu and we didn’t have enough time to search for the places by ourselves. So, we decided to consult the local photographers about the places where we can go to capture some photographs.

And you know what, they gave us excellent suggestions and we visited almost all the beautiful gardens and landscapes without even wasting any of the time. Everyone who wants to visit Oahu has a plan of capturing lots of photos of natural landscapes to keep them as the memories.

Wakiki and Honolulu are the busiest places and you can’t capture more natural landscapes while Oahu is the most beautiful place where you can capture lots of photographs.

If you don’t have any idea of what gardens and landscapes are worth visiting in Oahu, you may take a look at the Tours on Oahu Island by This will help you prepare a scheduled plan of what places you should visit first. Let’s take a look at the most beautiful gardens and landscapes of Oahu that we liked the most during our tour.

Laniakea Beach

This beach is an hour away from Wakiki on the North Shore of Oahu. There is a huge amount of bright green algae that turtles love. We were quite amazed to see the turtles basking in the shallows of the water and in the sun on the sand. It is also known as the Turtle Beach as it has been the home for the turtles for many years.

You’ll get the chance to capture the amazing photographs of the turtles on the beach in the afternoon. Don’t forget to include the bright green algae in your photographs. If you’re unable to find the directions, you can simply track the location with your phone’s GPS by putting the address 61635 Kamehameha Highway.

You’ll not find any signboard on the road leading you towards this beach but the turtles will indicate that yes, you’ve arrived the Laniakea Beach. Summer and spring seasons are best for this tour and it would be amazing if you go there between 10 Am to 5 PM.

Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is not only the most beautiful place in Oahu but it is also the best place on this planet for snorkeling.

You’ll get the chance to capture amazing underwater scenes here but make sure you bring the waterproof camera with you otherwise, you’ll miss a lot of fun and entertainment. The shape of the bay makes the flow of water very calm and smooth here.

Spitting Caves

It is one of the most beautiful places in Oahu for capturing landscapes because it is not highly crowded by the visitors.

The waves spit up due to the small cave down low which looks amazing. You can capture photographs here or even make a video of the waves spitting up.