Just imagine yourself lying comfortably on the bed and when you are about to got to sleep something stings on your face. Yes! I know you can relate to it because it happens to us all. That stingy and itchy feeling is caused by the bite of the worst insect of all; The Mosquito.

It does not only leave your skin inflamed and itchy but it also transmits many dangerous diseases like Malaria, Dengue fever, Yellow fever etc. The best way to protect yourself is to secure yourself from those stingy bites. Following are some tips to help you get secure from mosquitoes:

Cover up

While going out in open spaces, cover your body properly. Wear long sleeves shirt and loose pants. You should completely cover your arms and legs. Also, wear shoes and socks instead of open sandals. Also, the fabric should be thick so that the mosquitoes are unable to bite from outside.

Use an insect repellant

Different sorts of insect repellents are available in the market these days. Apply some on your bare areas of skin before going out. These repellents contain DEET that causes the insects to stay away. The amount of DEET should be adjusted according to age and tolerance.

Sleep in mosquito nets

Try to sleep in a mosquito net. It has tiny holes which allow the air to pass through but mosquitos are unable to pass through those tiny holes. But, don’t touch the sides of the net. Also check for any gap in the net regularly.

Destroy habitats of mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are fond of any sort of water. So, get rid of their habitats as soon as you can. Regularly drain the water of swimming pools and toilets. Destroy anything in which water can stand near your house and building.

Mosquito vacuums

Mosquito vacuums are special devices that help in sucking up mosquitos by getting them trapped. You can use c02 in it to attract mosquitoes. You can look here for mosquito vacuum reviews from different websites. Different brands are also making these like Koolatron and Mega catch.

Stay alerted at dusk and dawn

Late night till early morning is the favorite time of biting for mosquitoes. So, you especially need to protect yourself and family in these timings. Use nets and repellents in this duration and avoid going out.

Attack individual mosquitoes

Don’t leave the individual mosquitoes who have made your house their own. Instead, kill them with your hand or mosquito swatter.

Do not only use home remedies

Most of the moms recommend the home made repellants for killing mosquitoes. Although these are effective, dont rely on them completely. Instead, use some alternative method as well for effective protection.

Structural barriers

You should completely block the entry of mosquitoes in the house by using structural barriers. Cover all the gaps in walls, close the doors at evening and cover the windows as well. In short, block all the ways of the entrance of mosquitoes.

To conclude, if you want to keep yourself secure from mosquitos then you should try the above methods to get rid of them. You will not only be prevented from diseases but also their constant itching.