Department of Agroecology

The Department of Agroecology was established in April 1959 on the initiative of the Director of the Garden, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Professor Mikhail Andreevich Kochkin, who headed the department until 1977. For more than 20 years, the department was headed by the student MA. Kochkina, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor V.F. Ivanov. The climate group was headed by the candidate of geographical sciences V.I. Vazhov. In the main areas of scientific research of the Nikitsky garden, the department’s task was formulated as follows: “Development of methods for assessing the soil and climatic conditions in the south of the USSR in order to determine the potential range of cultivation of ornamental wood and flower plants and optimal zones for the placement of fruit, subtropical, nut-bearing and new technical plants.”

The main activities of the department are:
– Ecological assessment of the territory for the placement of perennial fruit and ornamental plantations in the south of Ukraine.
– Development and introduction of technologies for melioration of skeletal, sandy, saline, solonetsous, high-carbonate soils under orchards.
– Development and introduction of technologies for reclamation of sulphide-containing dumps of mine breeds for the purpose of their greening and agricultural use.
– Estimation of soil fertility of farms and personal household plots for fruit, subtropical and arboreal shrub plants.
Today in the department of agroecology there are 2 candidates of sciences, on the occupied position: 4 senior researchers, art. Engineer-soil scientist, engineer, 2 laboratory assistant. In recent years, the group of agroecology has been developing bioecological foundations and a model for the sustainable and effective functioning of garden phytocenoses in the south of Ukraine and man-made landscapes on the dumps of mountain mine rocks in the Western Donbass. 
Head of Department Department – Kostenko IV, Candidate of Agricultural Sciences.

The main scientific developments of the department of recent years:
Researches of the staff of the department made it possible to formulate new principles for the zoning of natural conditions for their rational use in agriculture, forestry and green building, to develop new methods for assessing the suitability of soils, including unproductive, and climate for perennial crops. The employees of the department created and introduced into production technologies for melioration of skeletal low-power and sandy soils under fruit crops. The main scientific developments of the department are described in the monographs “Soils and forests of the Mountainous Crimea and ways of their rational use”, “Fundamentals of rational use of soil and climatic conditions in agriculture”, “Soil and fruit plant”, “Ecology of fruit crops”

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