Biotechnology and Biochemistry of Plants

The Department of Plant Biotechnology and Biochemistry has existed since 2003 and was established on the basis of two departments: Plant Biotechnology and Plant Biochemistry. The department is headed by the Academician of the UAAS, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor VN. Yezhov. Since 2008, the department has identified separate units: a laboratory of biotechnology and plant virology, a scientific group of plant biochemistry and a testing laboratory.

Laboratory of Plant Biotechnology and Virology

The main activities of the laboratory
Currently, the main areas of research are:

Study of biology of cultured cells, tissues, peculiarities of growth and differentiation in vitro of subtropical and stone fruit crops, ornamental and medicinal plants;
Somatic embryogenesis of subtropical fruit and ornamental plants in culture in vitro ;
Restoration of the number of rare and endangered species of wild flora plants by developing plant regeneration systems in in vitro conditions ;
Acceleration of introductory process by reproduction in in vitro new species, varieties represented in single specimens and difficult to reproduce by traditional methods;
In vitro selection – the development of recipient plant systems in vitro , the creation of breeding forms and the generation of genetic diversity using biotechnological methods (embryoculture, haploidy, induced mutagenesis and genetic engineering);

Creation of a system of virus-free plant growing on the basis of:
a) the development of new highly effective recovery technologies and modern express methods of mass virus diagnostics;
B) obtaining resistant to viral infections forms of subtropical and stone fruit crops, flower-decorative and medicinal plants by methods of biotechnology and genetic engineering.
Management and staff of the laboratory
Biotechnology and biochemistry of plants
Head of Department laboratory, doctor of biological sciences, senior researcher Mitrofanova Irina Vyacheslavovna
Senior Researcher, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Professor Mitrofanova Olga Vladimirovna
Researcher Ivanova Nataliya Nikolaevna
Junior Researcher Lesnikova-Sedoshenko Nina Pavlovna
Laboratory Chelombit Svetlana Viktorovna
Postgraduate Kuznetsova Natalya Vasilevna
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