Nuchnye Development

Laboratory of agroecology
• Technology Reclamation skeletal and sandy soil for gardens trench Plantage method that allows to develop a long-term culture of unproductive soil, common in favorable climatic indicators of areas of the Crimea and southern Ukraine.
• Low-cost technology reclamation of sulphide mine dumps rock Western Donbass for the purpose of gardening and agricultural use.
      Scientific development specialists (in the form of specialist referrals profile organizations) find commercial application. They are widely used in conducting surveys fitosozologicheskkih territories allocated under the spa, recreational and residential construction, as well as sites where a renovation of engineering structures and communications.
Thus obtained during the research results are used and may find further application in both research and commercial purposes:
• In the projects associated with the establishment of acceptable levels and forms of human impact on the natural and human-modified ecosystem, in particular:
a) for environmental impact assessments of projects related to industrial, commercial, agricultural and recreational development of natural systems;
b) when conducting a thorough examination of natural systems, with the aim of further optimizing environmental or commandments
regime and the territory of the now existing protected sites, as well as the formation of a regional ecological network as a national ecological network of Ukraine member;
• For environmental monitoring anthropogenically altered and conservation of natural complexes.
• To predict ecosystem dynamics due to the occurrence of natural geomorphological and hydrological processes and make recommendations for their optimization.
     • To determine the mineral species of wild plants, the establishment of the most promising areas of fishing, the optimal timing and collection volumes.
• In drawing up the scientific and popular publications devoted to the nature of the region.
Within the framework of the above research and commercial areas of the department staff can act consultants (experts).
LABORATORY   OF NEW aromatic and medicinal CULTURES

Variety winter savory Satureja montana L. ‘Crimean emerald’
Semishrub family Lamiaceae. Yield feedstock 76.6 kg / ha, the mass fraction of essential oil 0.56% by wet weight of carvacrol in the essential oil content to 70%. The ground part contains vitamins C, B, minerals (aluminum, zinc, etc.). Infusions and decoctions have toning, firming, krovoostanavlyuyuschimi properties. The essential oil has a strong antimicrobial and fungicidal action, used in the manufacture of soft alcoholic beverages, in medicine.
Sort drought resistant, carries frosts to -20º C., it can be used in gardening.

Grade Helichrysum Italian Helichrysum italicum ‘Crystal’
evergreen shrub family Asteraceae in height and 60 cm Yields of raw material to 100 kg / ha, the mass fraction of essential oil 0.2% by wet weight, the main component of the essential oil -. Nerilatsetat (21%). The ground part contains flavonoids, vitamins C, B, B2, trace elements (iron, potassium, calcium, copper, manganese, molybdenum, cobalt, zinc, chromium and others.). Infusions and decoctions have hypotensive, anti-allergic, sedative, anti-inflammatory effect. The essential oil has bactericidal and antiviral action. It used in the manufacture of perfumes and beauty products, soft drinks, medicine.
Sort drought resistant, hardy, tolerate temperatures down to -30º C., can be used in gardening.

Sort hyssop medicament Hyssopus officinalis L. ‘Nikitskiy white’
Semishrub family Lamiaceae in height and 55 cm raw yield 114 kg / ha, the mass fraction of essential oil 0.45% by wet weight, the main component of the essential oil -. Izopinokamfon (71%). The ground part contains flavonoids, vitamin C, steroids. Infusions and decoctions have anti-inflammatory, tonic, bronchodilators, antispasmodic action. The essential oil has a high bactericidal activity against staphylococci, has a tonic effect on the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Grass of hyssop fitosborov is a part, is a good spice used in the production of soft drinks and liquors.
Sort drought resistant, tolerates temperatures down to -30º C., it can be used in gardening.

Grade Lavandula Lavandula hybrida Rev. ‘Rabat’
evergreen shrub of the family Lamiaceae in height and 120 cm raw yield 170 kg / ha, the mass fraction of essential oil 3.5% by wet weight, the main component of the essential oil -. Linalyl acetate (32%). The essential oil has a strong antibacterial, antiviral, wound healing, sedative action. It is used in perfumery and cosmetic products and in medicine.
Sort drought resistant, carries frosts to -26º C., it can be used in gardening.

Grade wormwood Taurian of Artemisia taurica Willd. ‘Alupka’
perennial plant of the family Asteraceae, developing as a typical shrub with monocyclic annual shoots height of 55-60 cm, with a diameter of 70-75 cm to the bush. The yield is 90.60 t / ha, gathering the essential oil per 1 ha 59.80 kg / ha. It is a promising aromatic plant widely used in perfumery and medical industries.
Very drought resistant, hardy in the conditions of southern Ukraine, undemanding to soil, little affected by pests and diseases.

Grade mugwort of Artemisia Abrotanum L. ‘Evksin’
perennial plant of the family Asteraceae. Mugwort – shrub height of 1.0-1.2 m with a rather thick, woody roots.
It grows well in open areas with loose soil, it brings drought. During the period of mass flowering of mugwort accumulate the maximum amount of essential oil of orange-yellow color, with a sharp pleasant smell to 0.4-0.5% on wet weight, which is widely used in homeopathy, the perfume industry and food as a spice. C can be cultivated on the territory of Ukraine.

Variety Artemisia of Artemisia dracunculus L. ‘Emerald’
perennial herbaceous plant height 70-78sm. erect stems which densely leafy. It grows well on flat, open areas with loose, fertile soil, drought-resistant. In the period of mass blossoming tarragon accumulates a maximum amount of essential oil to 0.61% by wet weight of the main component – methyl chavicol, whose content is 91%. Mass fraction of essential oil in baskets is 0.8%, 0.6%, leaves, stems 0. 03% of the wet weight. Tarragon is a sort of interesting and promising crop can be grown on the territory of Ukraine.

Sort galega dosage ‘Lydia’
Perennial herb. The height reaches 90 – 95 cm, with a taproot..
For medicinal purposes use aboveground part, collected at the flowering stage and seeds. The raw material is dried in the shade, laying a thin layer. The yield is 109 kg / ha, galegina content to 1.8%.
Early in the spring – late March, regrowth begins galega. At the watering can receive two mowings aboveground mass. In the third year of growth and development productivity galega reduced.