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Structure of the Nikitsky Botanical Gardens – National Research Center

It includes 5 academic departments, as part of which 19 laboratories:

   Department introduction, breeding and agroecology – head. Department Ph.D. Zaharenko Gennadiy Sergeevich

• Laboratory of Dendrology and Floriculture – Head Ph.D., Senior Scientist Uleyskiy Lyudmila Ivanovna, tel. (0654) 33-56-34, an e-mail: LUlej@rambler.ru
• Laboratory of southern fruit crops – Head Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher Smykov Anatoly Vladimirovich, tel. (0654) 33-55-16, an e-mail: fruit_culture@mail.ru
• Laboratory of aromatic and medicinal plants – Head Ph.D., Marco Natalia Vladimirovna, tel. (0654) 33-53-67

• Laboratory of Agroecology – Head of Candidate of Agricultural Sciences, Senior Researcher Kostenko Igor Vladimirovich, tel. (0654) 33-54-37, an e-mail: igorkostenko@ukr.net
• Laboratory of Entomology and fitopatologii- Head PhD, Senior Scientist Trikoz Natalya Nikolaevna, tel. (0654) 33-66-78, an e-mail: natalitrikoz@rambler.ru

    Department of Physiological and biochemical research, biotechnology and reproductive biology of plants – head. MD Department Yarosh Aleksandr Mihaylovich

• Laboratory of Biochemistry, Biotechnology and Virology plants – head prof, Yezhov Valery Nikitivich.
• Measurement Laboratory – Head Ph.D. Paliy Anfisa Evgenevna, tel. (0654) 33-55-48, an e-mail: onlabor@bigmir.net
• Laboratory of physiology and reproductive biology of plants – Head Ph.D. Ruguzova Anna Igorevna, tel. (0654) 33-54-67, an e-mail: molodech@ukr.net
• Laboratory fitoreabilitatsii man – Head Ph.D., Senior Scientist Tihomirov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, tel. (0654) 33-56-11, an e-mail: patents@ukr.net

    Department of Plant steppe – head. Division DS / Agricultural Sciences. Plugatar Yuriy Vladimirovich

• Plant Quarantine Branch – Head Sidorenko Valentina Vasilevna
• Sector mobilization and conservation of plant resources – Head Ph.D. Grabovetskaya Olga Anatolevna, tel. (05549) 5-44-43, an e-mail: svid@yandex.ru

• forest ecosystems Sector – Head Ph.D., Professor Koba Vladimir Petrovich

The department of natural ecosystems and nature reserves – head. Department PhD, Senior Scientist Maslov Ivan Igorevich

• Nature reserve “Cape Marian.” Forestry – Reznikov Oleg Nikolaevich.
• Laboratory of flora and vegetation – Head Ph.D., Senior Scientist Sadogursky Sergey Yefimovich, tel. (0654) 33-55-21, an e-mail: ssadogurskij@yandex.ru
• Laboratory for Conservation of Nature – Head Ph.D., Senior Scientist Haustov Aleksandr Aleksandrovich, tel. (0654) 33-66-78, an e-mail: maslov_ivan@mail.ru .

Department of Intellectual Property and Innovation Marketing – head. Department KS / Agricultural Sciences. Litvinov Nikolay Pavlovich,  

• Laboratory of marketing of innovations and information – head of the Ph.D. Shishkin Valery Anatolievich, tel. (0654) 33-56-16, an e-mail: nbg@yalta.crimea.ua
• Sector Standardization and Metrology – Head ksn, sns Bakova Nadezhda Nikolayevna, tel. (0654) 33-55-19, an e-mail: tk_dizain@ukr.net
• Sector patent and licensing work – Head ksn Kantsaeva Umamat Israpilovna, tel. (0654) 33-64-24, an e-mail: angi1959@mail.ru
• Library – the head of Bernar Natalya Georgievna Tel. (0654) 33-54-58.

As part of NBG-NSC – 5 experimental farms, 3 of which are in the Crimea and Kherson and Chernihiv regions. For the implementation and realization of production at NBG-NSC created the State Enterprise “Trading house” Nikitsky garden. ”

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