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Department of dendrology and floriculture

Scientific research work on dendrology and ornamental gardening in the Nikitsky Botanical Garden was started in 1812 from the time of the botanical park. At that time the department bore the name – “decorative department”. In 1924, the department was separated into an independent research unit and was called the “Department of Dendrology, Decorative Horticulture and Gardening”. The department received its modern name in 2002.
In the department in different years worked such famous scientists as V.P. Maleev, A.I. Kolesnikov, A.M. Kormilitsin, V.N. Klimenko, I.A. Zabelin, M.A. Bezkaraivaynaya, made a significant contribution to the development of the theory and practice of plant introduction, selection of flower crops. For many years, the landscape architect of the department was headed by landscape architect A.A. Annenkov.
Thanks to the purposeful introductory work of dendrologists in the Nikitsky botanical garden, a unique botanical park was created – Arboretum, numbering more than 2200 species and cultivars of woody plants. Arboretum displays the largest collections of garden roses (more than 1000 varieties), irises, lilies, chrysanthemums, canna, and cactuses in Ukraine and the CIS. The formation of Arboretum collections is associated with the names of such scientists as H.X. Steven, N.A. Gartvis, N.E. Tsabel, F.K. Kalaida, N.M. Chernova, A.I. Anisimova, A.M. Kormilitsin, M.P. Voloshin, M.A. Beskaravainaya, G.V. Kulikov, S.I. Kuznetsov, V.M. Kuznetsova, A.N. Volosenko-Valenis, I.A. Zabelin, V.N. Klimenko, V.M. Babkina, L.E. Soboleva, G.N. Shestachenko, G.F. Feofilov, N.D. Kostetsky, and also such gardeners and agronomists as VVV.V.V. Belyaev, E.A.

The head of the department is Gennady S. Zakharenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher.
The head of the floriculture group is Zinaida K. Klymenko, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Senior Researcher.

The department employs 23 people, including 1 senior research fellow, 2 senior, 3 scientific and 5 junior research workers, 11 laboratory assistants. Three employees have a doctorate and one candidate of biological sciences.

The laboratory of the “Arboretum and Park Business” was created in the department, which is headed by Doctor of Biological Sciences Koba V.P.

Rational use of plants – plant introductions in landscape design and forestry – introduction of new species and forms of plants for selection and introduction of NBS-NSC into ornamental horticulture and testing of technological solutions for the reproduction and industrial cultivation of planting material of floral and ornamental woody plants – study of dendroflora of park and other Ornamental plantings in the Crimea and the development of proposals for their preservation and development (expansion of the range of plants of wood and flower plants, Improvement, recommendations for agrohoutu).

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